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EP 31: Your PPE for a Better 2021

In this important Omnibus episode, the first of 2021, I share a simple but profound and effective way to prepare yourself for a better 2021 – in spite of the Chaos. 

The Leader's PPE stands for:

P – Perspective (Scripting the right Story)

P – Priorities (Choosing the right Action)

E – Equilibrium (Maintaining Resilience)

The method is both holistic and human, and can be applied by both leaders and non-leaders.

So feel free to share with anyone struggling to get started in the Chaos of 2021.

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EP 30: Leadership Lessons in Chaos

In the final Episode of 2020 I select the top 5 Leadership lessons we can extract from the most trying of years. 

Lessons include:

  • Leadership is critical & not just necessary during Chaos
  • Life is random, discriminating, and unfair: meet it where it is
  • The “What’s Possible” mindset
  • The Old World wasn’t perfect anyway
  • People double down on their real self during Chaos

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EP 29: Deepening Connections in Chaos

At a time when people are feeling increasing disconnection, this week I explore how to deepen connection. In this episode I explain:

  • What Star Wars has to do with building connection
  • How we often think we’re building connection when in fact we’re not
  • How our Tacit Wisdom is stronger than our intellectual knowledge
  • What to focus on to deepen connection

…And ..our discomfort with silence

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EP 28: We Need to Talk about Conversations

This week Ian discusses how to approach those Difficult Conversations. In this episode Ian explains:

  • Why conversations are more difficult during a pandemic crisis
  • How you need to get “Comfortable with Uncomfortable”
  • How your Mindset influences the conversation outcome
  • The opportunity in the Difficult

…And how – approached correctly – there is often an even better way

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EP 27: What the Trump legacy teaches us about Leadership

In this episode Ian explains how leadership impact is real, and really matters. Also:

  • Leadership and the Law of Cause and Effect
  • How the CEO is also the CCO (Chief Culture Officer)
  • Leadership’s Great Underestimation
  • The link between autocratic leadership and gun sales
  • What 19th century detective novels have to do with Leadership
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