December 2020

29: EP 29: Deepening Connections in Chaos

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At a time when people are feeling increasing disconnection, this week I explore how to deepen connection.In this episode I explain:What Star Wars has to do with building connectionHow we often think we’re building connection when in fact we’re notHow our Tacit Wisdom is stronger than our intellectual knowledgeWhat to focus on to deepen connection…And ..our [...]

November 2020

EP 28: We Need to Talk about Conversations

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This week Ian discusses how to approach those Difficult Conversations. In this episode Ian explains:

  • Why conversations are more difficult during a pandemic crisis
  • How you need to get “Comfortable with Uncomfortable”
  • How your Mindset influences the conversation outcome
  • The opportunity in the Difficult

…And how – approached correctly – there is often an even better way

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EP 27: What the Trump legacy teaches us about Leadership

By |2020-11-17T08:54:40+00:00November 16th, 2020|News, Podcast|

In this episode Ian explains how leadership impact is real, and really matters. Also:

  • Leadership and the Law of Cause and Effect
  • How the CEO is also the CCO (Chief Culture Officer)
  • Leadership’s Great Underestimation
  • The link between autocratic leadership and gun sales
  • What 19th century detective novels have to do with Leadership
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October 2020

EP 26: The Leadership Contribution

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In this week's episode, Ian discusses a way of viewing leadership as a form of contribution, which differs from the conventional way of viewing leadership as somebody who is at the top of a hierarchy. 

So, what is the leadership contribution?

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September 2020

August 2020

Unlocking Business Performance Ian McClean

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Ian McClean of Flow Group has devoted his career to building knowledge in essential business specialisms including mergers and acquisitions, executive coaching, executive team alignment, change management, strategy and more.