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Flow is a catalyst for change. Through our considerable expertise we help individuals, teams and whole organisations to perform even better.






What our clients say

'Working with the Flow Group is always an exciting and rewarding experience. Throughout the last number of years they have brought a fresh and highly innovative approach across a range of interventions and our individual and team development programmes. Their approach pushes out the boundaries yet remains grounded in the reality of todays business challenges.'

Eamonn Eaton - Head of Group Learning - Bank of Ireland

'An excellent means of developing your business through motivating Senior Management.'

Andrew Whitty - Taxation Partner - Crowe Horwath

'Irish Distillers came to Flow to implement a sustainable and effective performance management system throughout the organisaiton. Flow helped us gain great awareness of what is required to change mindsets and instill lasting positive behaviours. Their strong value system meant that we worked in real partnership and they were not afraid to challenge us to enable us to grow. It has been and still is today a rewarding experience to work together.'

John Purcell - Employee Development Manager - Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard

'The size and global dispersion of our organisation meant there were inefficiencies and misunderstandings when it came to communication. Flow helped us realize that these inefficiencies were not only slowing things down but were also costing the company a lot of money. The linking of neuro science and practical solutions, appealed to our managers in tackling the issue of ‘communication work arounds’.

Flow was able to identify what our organisation needed rather than rolling out an “out of the box” course. They really tailored the development offerings to our needs – those of the organisation and of the participants and continue to do so.

Our experience of Flow is a very positive, responsive and flexible organisation who supports us in keeping development work focused and relevant.'

Orla Scott - Head of HR Management - Pioneer Investment Management Ltd

'We find that the flexible and tailor-made approach to projects by the Flow team really suits the needs of a creative communications company such as ours.'

Padraig Burns - Managing Director - Publicis Groupe

About Flow

The Flow UK & Ireland Story

What is Flow?


We have all experienced times when we are "in Flow".
We feel energised. Our attention fully focused. Distractions are zoned out. We are creative.
Positively stretched to meet the challenge. Time stands still.We feel fulfilled.
Most of all ...we are at our most productive.

Excellence in any endeavour - business, sport, art - Is contingent on being in Flow.Personal Flow, Flow in teams, departments and whole organisations. Disrupt the Flow and performance suffers.

Finding Flow in not a mystery.
It needn't happen by accident. Our business is to help create the conditions to find Flow and enhance performance. Business works better with people in Flow.

Meet the UK & IE Team

Angus Beck
Angus Beck
Blair Steinbach
Blair Steinbach
Ian McClean
Ian McClean
Kate Motherway
Kate Motherway
Melody Houssiaux
Melody Houssiaux
Robert Moorhouse
Robert Moorhouse
Nuala Clifford
Nuala Clifford
Stephen Griffiths
Stephen Griffiths
Steve Thompson
Steve Thompson


Future Ready Summary

Summary of Mee-Yan Cheung “Future Ready Leadership” conversation with clients at Flow Group. Smock Alley Theatre, July 12 2016

Unconscious Bias: The Silent Hijacker

A father and son were involved in a car accident in which the father was killed and the son seriously injured. The father was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident and his body taken to the local morgue. The son was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital and immediately wheeled into an emergency room. A surgeon was called. Upon arrival, and seeing the patient, the attending surgeon exclaimed, "Oh my God, it’s my son!". The question of course is, who is the surgeon? 40% of the population fail to resolve the fact that the surgeon is the boy’s mother. Why? The reason is simple: when they picture the surgeon they automatically picture a man. The simple explanation, based on a perception people are not even conscious of, is just the surface of a complex labyrinth of underground biases (in this case gender bias) that go along with the meal ticket of the human condition. Yes indeed, we all have them.

Video: GreenLine Conversations© - 1 Day Programme

After the success of our first GreenLine Conversations© - "Essentials" 1 day open programme at the beginning of the year, we are hosting a second course on the 28th of April in the Gibson Hotel, Dublin. If you couldn't attend in January, don't miss out this time around. Check out the video below to see what participants thought.

How to Kick-Start your career in 2016

To misquote Shakespeare, some people seek change, some avoid change and some have change forced upon them. The change in the annual calendar at the turn of the New Year is like punctuation, a comma in a person’s career. For less fortunate, it can represent a full stop.

GreenLine Conversations© online course earns recommendation from Learning Light

Flow Group are delighted to announce that the GreenLine Conversations© online learning course has been recommended by Learning Light and given their seal of approval.