The Position

Job Title: Consultant
Reporting to: Breege McManus COO of Flow Group

The ideal candidate will have experience working with middle to senior management groups and be well acquainted with the subject of organisational and leadership development and culture change. In addition, the successful candidate will “Fit” the Flow brand which requires a high level of authenticity combined with passion to share knowledge and life stories with clients in order to keep them engaged and focussed. This requires an individual who is a curious learner; interested in their own growth; people centred; personable with humility; quirky non-corporate and commercially aware. The Flow Group Values of Partnership, Difference and Authenticity are clearly evident.


  • Design and facilitation of training programmes for client companies
  • 121 coaching of client employees
  • Consulting with middle to senior management level client employees

Candidate Profile

  • At least 5 years experience of designing and facilitating training programmes through in person, eLearning, virtual, key note or webinar, either in-house with an organisation or as an external training consultant
  • An individual who is passionate about behavioural change
  • Strong commercial acumen
    • understands realities of corporate client organisations
    • understands realities of working within a small business (i.e. Flow Group)
  • Ability to successfully manage a blend of clients and deliver multiple concurrent projects
  • Curious learner who is truly passionate about developing people
  • Can combine commercial acumen with a natural flair for understanding human nature.
  • Evidence of promoting values of Partnership, Difference and Authenticity

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Company Profile

Flow Group is an international development and consulting company that helps individuals, leaders, teams and whole organisations to become more effective and do even better. Over the past two decades, we have worked internationally with over 10,000 business leaders, in over 200 blue chip multinational companies across 39 different industry sectors. Through our considerable expertise we help individuals, teams and whole organisations improve performance by providing them with bespoke learning and development solutions. Flow Group specialise in facilitation, coaching, organisational development, management & leadership development, consultancy and cultural change.

What is flow?

We have all experienced times when we are "in Flow". We feel energised. Our attention is fully focused. Distractions are zoned out. We are creative. Positively stretched to meet the challenge. Time stands still. We feel fulfilled. Most of all ...we are at our most productive.

Excellence in any endeavour - business, sport, art - is contingent on being in Flow. Personal Flow, Flow in teams, departments and whole organisations. Disrupt the Flow and performance suffers. Finding Flow is not a mystery. It needn't happen by accident. Flow’s business is to help create the conditions to find Flow and enhance performance. Businesses work better with people in Flow.