Do you suffer from Imposter Syndrome? It’s a thing

Tom Dunne paid tribute to the late Leonard Cohen recently on his Newstalk show by inviting listeners to share their memories of the artistic legend. One fan recalled sneaking backstage after a concert in 2009 and, eluding security, found herself unexpectedly and suddenly face-to-face with her icon. Frozen, physically and verbally, the best she could manage [...]

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Unconscious Bias: The Silent Hijacker

A teaser A father and son were involved in a car accident in which the father was killed and the son seriously injured. The father was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident and his body taken to the local morgue. The son was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital and immediately wheeled into [...]

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Why Performance Management is broken

Telling fish about water Since before we can even remember, beginning with our first staggering attempts to crawl or walk, we are surrounded by evaluation of our performance. Estimates suggest that students have undertaken more than 2,500 tests or exams by the time they complete secondary education. And domestically, we all get plenty of (often unsolicited!) [...]

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The rise and fall of Lehman Brothers is a human story, not a financial one

When the young Henry Lehman stood on a New York dockside on a cold September morning fresh from Bavaria in 1844 he was dreaming of a new life in a new world, not the biggest economic collapse of any financial institution in history. Back then the young Henry wasn’t even a banker – he and his two brothers that followed began by opening a small store selling cloth in Montgomery, Alabama.

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Winning at Life

Today is my son’s ninth birthday. I mention that although, curiously, we are the only mammal on the planet that either counts or cares for time. Even the teddy bears chose a picnic, not a birthday party. I don’t remember much about being nine but I do remember two things clearly – The Minstrel winning the [...]

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Resolution Dilution? Here’s What to Do.

Ok so its the first day of 2018 - and if you need some help with those resolutions already, Ian McClean is all over it. White Rabbits aside, humans (curiously) are the only mammal on the planet to worry about time. We alone created the calendar. In this regard January is a peculiarly unique time of [...]

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